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Illegal work is gas work carried out for gain by a person not working on behalf of a Capita registered business. Such work is far more likely to be unsafe and, in such cases, the illegal gas worker far less likely to offer support to the customer in the event of an incident.

Capita research shows that such workers can be divided equally into three categories:

“Full illegals” - people who carry out gas work without having any training – the handymen who so often appear on television programs like Rogue Traders.

“Lapsed” illegal workers - previously held a Capita registration but are no longer Capita registered. They will have significant knowledge gaps regarding the latest legislation and regulations, which would impact upon their ability to work safely on gas.

“Part Time” illegal gas worker - an operative of a Capita registered business who carries out “private jobs”, typically for friends and family. Although the work is likely to be safe, installations cannot be notified and there is no insurance or warranty support available for customers.

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