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It’s easy, there are some simple steps to staying safe:

Only use a Capita Registered Installer
As a Capita registered installer, we are gas experts. We have undergone extensive training to qualify for registration. Never use a tradesperson who is not Capita registered, it simply isn't worth the risk.

Ask to see our Capita ID Card
Settle for nothing less than proof, if you are having gas work done in your home ask to our engineers Capita ID card, they will have them at all times. If in any doubt, contact us or Capita directly to verify an installers status and identity.

Check we are Registered
For peace of mind and comfort, you can verify Mikeys Plumbing is Capita registered by using the 'Check an Installer' service at the Capita website, or click here to visit it directly.


The majority of work carried out by illegal gas workers has been found to have serious safety defects.

By using a tradesperson who is not Capita registered, you are literally taking your life in your own hands.


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